Welcome Family And Friends To Our Woodland Paradise!

“Hamlet never had a store or a church or anything like that – just a post office, which was in our house, and the school, and the cemetery – and they’re all part of the past now. But it was a nice place to grow up in – and still a good place to live in. I mean, it’s a good place to get away to.”

Vernon Hill, speaking with author Ralph Friedman (Tracking Down Oregon, 1978)
What’s going on with this website?

Website Features In Development:

A calendar showing upcoming events, and the ability to share with others when you plan to be on site. Get in touch with others, and share your events as well!

Pages dedicated to exploring the property and family history, and archiving the family’s wealth of knowledge! Keep the knowledge to pass down to the next generation!

Pages, Maps, and ideas for the numerous activities available around the area. Explore Soapstone Lake, the Cemetery, the many Property Corners, and much more!

A forum for discussion between family and friends. Share your ideas, concerns, questions, and answers.

What about the Ranch?

There is a lot to explore within the Hill Family Ranch!

Miles of Streams
Miles of Forest Roads
Elevation Gain

And much more in the surrounding area!

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